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Rory TRory T Posts: 116
edited March 2009 in MTB buying advice
Hey guys, im planning on selling my bike, question is im struggling to find ways to sell the thing, im told ebay is a good option but plenty of people on the forums say you should be extra cautious buyng a bike on ebay. At the moment my LBS have my details and advertising it to their customers if they seem interested. A part exchange scheme with LBS would be great but does that exist. Any advice would be great. Cheers :D


  • Never sold a bike on ebay, but I would ask your lbs about a part exchange, if they don't, find one that will. Even my local Lesiure Lakes does PX.
  • Rory TRory T Posts: 116
    Really thats brill, didnt think LBS do that sort of thing. Did you sell a bike through your LBS and if so, how much did they offer you?
  • I didn't use Lesiure Lakes for my trade in but the shop I did use offered me a very good deal for my 07 Superlight frame and 09 TALAS forks. It worked out to nearly £900 with other things factored in.

    Most bike shops will sell decent seondhand bikes, but, don't be suprised if you're offered cack for you're bike, it depends on how much you spend, what kind of bikes they sell etc. Just ring around and tout what you have, if they're interested take it round for them to have a look.
  • quake7.2quake7.2 Posts: 305
    Morning Rory, try Freetown as they do px's on thier bkes, well they used to last year, when Rob wanted a new bike....
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    I've sold loads on ebay, 2 full bikes, a frame and 2 pairs of forks, all went fine. You'll get much more back than you get from a trade in.

    I'm often quite shocked when I go to Leisure Lakes, the one near us keeps it's second hand bikes chained up outside, whatever the weather, some of them look so battered after weeks of sitting outside in the rain and snow :? Really nice bikes too, Enduros, Prophets and things.
  • bwoodybwoody Posts: 14
    I sold my cape wrath on Gumtree, advertised it and sold it the next day.
    Good for local sales, no fees, person comes and picks the bike up....job done

    Might be worth checking out, its free to advertise on too :D
  • Rory TRory T Posts: 116
    quake7.2 wrote:
    Morning Rory, try Freetown as they do px's on thier bkes, well they used to last year, when Rob wanted a new bike....

    Morning Quake, was thinking bout handing it into Freetown but I got my heart set on gettin a Trek remedy 7 so at the mo handed my details onto Ken Ellerker Cycles as theyre the Trek dealers, a guy working there has a mate who maybe interested as theyre both buildin fittness to take part in the mega avelanche this year. Fingers crossed but so far not heard from em yet :(
  • Rory TRory T Posts: 116
    Hey Quake you saw my bike, how much you think i can get for it?

    Heres the specs:

    Giant XtC 1 07
    Fork: Rock Shox Reba SL TF Tuned extended travel from 85mm to 115mm with Pop Loc adjuster.
    Rear Mech: Shimano XT Shadow
    Front Mech: Shimano XT
    Gears: Shimano XT Rapidfire Shifter Pods
    Cranks: Shimano LX
    Bottom Bracket: Hope BB with ceramic bearings (black)
    Brakes: Avid Juicy 3 with 160mm rotors
    Bar: Easton Monkeylite DH Riser Carbon
    Stem: Easton Havoc
    Rims: Mavic XM317 Discs
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