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Ksyrium Elite : Front wheel not tight?

bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
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Back wheel stuck on today. Utterly solid.

Front wheel absolutely fine on ride. BUT, if I grip the tyre and wobble the wheel laterally there feels like a tiny bit of lateral play. As if the skewer isn't tight but it IS very very tight!

It's not an issue per se but anyone know what the cause could be?
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  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    You need to adjust the front wheel bearings - there is a special tool provided with the wheels that looks a bit like a tyre lever - it has an open end like a spanner with little pins sticking out. Remove the skewer and insert a 5mm Allen key into one end of the axle and adjust the bearings by fitting the pin spanner into the cone on the hub and adjusting it - it might only be a quarter turn or so - you need to allow a hairsbreadth of play to be taken up by the wheel skewer when tightened.
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  • Thanks chap. I thought it might be that. I left the spanner in the office. Ok to ride in and then tighten?
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