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How long does you're small chainring last?

holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
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How long does you're small chainring last? Just had to buy the second one in two years for the Trek, having done almost 8000 miles. The 39t ring looks more like a kung-fu weapon, first one never got cleaned/oiled much but the second one was cleaned/oiled after most rides. The first Bonteger, second FSA. I probally do spent most time on the small ring hitting the hills around here. :D:):(:o 8) :roll:


  • carefulcareful Posts: 720
    Should normally last longer than 4000 miles each. I've had chainrings last 20000 and still be usable. Most likely cause of wear is a worn chain. As the moving parts of the chain wear, the effective chain pitch increases (sometimes incorrectly called stretch). This means that the rollers gradually bear on the upper part of the chainring's teeth rather than sitting snugly at the base. This causes rapid wear. Have you been regularly checking for chain wear (at least once every 1000 miles is good).
  • holmeboyholmeboy Posts: 674
    That probally explains it, my maintenance policy look it when it breaks. Will check me chain more often, thanks for that. :oops: :evil: :roll: :?: :!: :(
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