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Which Helmet to buy?

newburb_1968newburb_1968 Posts: 114
edited December 2008 in Workshop
In the summer I came off the bike and damaged my helmet, since then I have been hanging on for Xmas to buy a new decent one. (In the meantime using my daughters Bell, which I don't like the strapping)

I had the MET Stradivarius 06 version which was a pretty good fit, therefore I was looking to buy another MET helmet either the
1> MET Inferno UL Helmet 2009
2> MET Stradivarius UL Helmet

or look to get the Giro
3> Giro Ionos Helmet 2008
4> Giro atomos helmet

The only thing with the MET helmets is that they look a bit bulky on top and the Giro don't look so big or is it?
What would be your recomendation and why, if not what would be another alternative
Looking at the price range of between £59-£90.


  • Brian BBrian B Posts: 2,071
    Barry - I cracked my Atmos in the summer but I was alright so it did its job. Up until then I was happy with it and very light and comfortable. Got the Ionos to replace it and while it is lighter and a bit more comfortable then the Atmos I dont think the difference between the two is worth the extra cash.
    Brian B.
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