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Dawes Galaxy 1997

craftycrafty Posts: 85
edited October 2008 in Tour & expedition
Just bought a '97 Dawes Galaxy in excellent condition. 57cm 531 frame, Bottle green, racks front and back.

I hope you can help me on a few questions.

1. What's the best way to clean and polish and maintain the aluminium parts?
2. The handlebar stem isn't as long as the other stems I've used. The height of the bars is about an inch too short on the stem limit. Will a new longer stems fit OK on an older bike like this one?

Thanks in advance.



  • explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
    1. get na bit of degreaser spray on them, you can polish them with some fine wire wool but most some allys parts have a coating.

    2. 1997 isn't that old, you will need a 1" quill stem not the 1 1/8th ahead style type stam

    You should try gaetting bits to fit my old bike, its from 1955 and the inch was smaller then, very odd!
  • alfabluealfablue Posts: 8,497
    You could use a stem converter then you will be able to use 1 1/8 A-head type stems, which should give you more choice. I have one on my 1997 Dawes Audax that came with a quill stem. I got a Cinelli stem that was the short lenght/high rise I wanted, transformed the ride!

  • craftycrafty Posts: 85
    Thank you very much.

    I'll ask at my LBS in Bristol about a stem converter. The reason I mention it's a 1997 is entirely down to the fact one of the badges has '97' on it. I could be wrong in that interpretation.

    Pics here if you want to see the bike. ... 474133292/

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