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Close shave on Blackfriars Bridge today.

mooniomoonio Posts: 802
edited September 2008 in Commuting chat
Well not really but a Taxi in the lane next to the cycle lane came up from behind me then proceeded to turn left across the cycle lane as I was about to cross the junction.

The driver did indicate but you cant see the signal if the vehicle is in the next lane and behind you or next to you, only when its in front and proceeding to turn left across your lane.

I can completely understand how all the accidents involving HGV's occur, its not because the cyclist is undertaking on the left, its usually because the lorry is overtaking on the right.

Luckily I managed to stop in time for the Taxi to complete its manoeuvre.

However it is plainly insane to have a cycle LANE (its not a path) on the inside of a traffic lane at a busy junction.

Blackfriars bridge needs an advanced filtering system for cyclists and vehicles, like the bus lanes which have their own lights and a traffic island separating it from the other traffic lanes.

They are currently doing some work on the bridge which looks like a widening scheme, I think this is pointless unless they also implement a new filtering system at the junction!!!


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