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Yesterday photos of the RSF North Peak Group ride

southlakessouthlakes Posts: 474
edited September 2008 in MTB rides
Click the link to see photos of yesterday ride of the RSF's North Peak and South Pennine Group from Walsden.

with regards



  • muddylegsmuddylegs Posts: 485
    Where's the pictures of the cream teas?
  • southlakessouthlakes Posts: 474
    Hi Muddylegs,

    Sorry about the lack of cake photos but I only post up on the website that the Area Secretary of the group e-mails to me and my next job this evening is writing the site's weekly e-mail newsletter where I remind ride leaders that they must take photo of cake.

  • GT DestroyerGT Destroyer Posts: 1,719
    Tell you what mate - That looks like a great ride out.

    We often stick to forests and when we were last out we were discussing the fact that we need to go out on a huge ride with more chance to stretch the legs you know? In places such as Wharncliffe, its really good riding but its a bit stop start, nothing like one of the long distance pics with the riders in the distance!

    So was the whole ride based in Todmorden moor, and was the ground wet/muddy/marshy? The only reason I ask is that I saw some pics of you carrying/walking with the bikes.

    Good thread - Thanks for posting the pictures.
  • southlakessouthlakes Posts: 474
    Hi Gt Destroyer,

    There GPS Exchange format route file of the route which can be found on the 2008 past ride reports page of the site at this link which you download and look at the route.

    I can't really help on what the grounds conditions were like has I was not on the ride but if you looking for longer rides you are more than welcome to come out on any of the Rough-Stuff Fellowship groups rides in northern England.

  • Might tackle Todmorden moor this weekend?
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