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XC in Staines - Windsor

CrossmaxCrossmax Posts: 3
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Hi y'all!

I am a newcomer and I am desperatly looking for singletracks and XC tracks in Surrey.
Please contact me to arrange rides in the area.




  • Your best bet may be Swinley (near Bracknell)

    or, if you don't minda a little travelling then either:

    BOB (Berks on Bikes)


    Tunnel Hill Trolls

    There is a THT ride on Tuesday evening aimed at new members - take a look at the Super Tuesday thread under weekly evening rides.

    Hope it helps

  • Thank you so much for your prompt answer.

    The tracks look awesome. I will visit asap.

  • Chobham Common and surrounding area is good, not as gnarly and technical as the purpose built trails in Swinley, but some good bridleways & tracks. Very quiet on mid week evenings with a surprisingly wild feel given where it is.

    Some nice 2+ hour circuits out from Windsor via the Great Park.
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