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Runcorn and beyond

El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
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As part of a 7 day LeJog I need to get across Runcorn and St. Helens. Looking at the maps this all looks a little tricky and was wondering if anyone here knows the area and can offer any tips.

I need to get from Frodsham to the A571 going north from St. Helens. I'm not oppsed to a few main roads but am generally not keen on 70mph dual carriageways.

Any ideas?

I know this is maybe more of a Tour and Expedition question but that didn't seem quite right either. Who would go touring in Runcorn? Having said that, I've never been - maybe it's lovely.


  • El Gordo. Don't know whether you still need an answer to this. I got some help for a route from Frodsham to Liverpool here:

    This tells you how to navigate Runcorn (don't go on the Expressways!).

    Once you are over the bridge head for Halton Stadium and then there is a quiet road that will take you to St Helens via Sutton Manor.
  • sicrowsicrow Posts: 791
    try Bikeroutetoaster to plan your route

    just click on plan your route
  • mr_hippomr_hippo Posts: 1,051
    This will take you from the roundabout at the Widnes end of the Runcorn Bridge to the centre of Wigan.
    1) Shortly after entering MoorLane, you will see a MacD, turn left just before there, over the mini roundabout (Playing fields on the left. Opposite Halton Stadium, there is/was the best chippy in Widnes (Paul's). Go over the lights at Liverpool Road and turn left at the junction with Birchfield Raod. At the top of Birchfield Road, turn right and Take the first left - this will take you straight to St Helens.
    2) About 14kms, turn right onto the A580 and the left onto the A571, there's a nice hill on the A571 through Billinge! The hill really starts at 17.7 kms at the junction with Rainford - it's nit called Billinge Lump for nothing!

    Alternative route avoiding St Helens town centre and Billinge:- on the above link, 11.3 kms turn right onto the A58. Follow A58 to Ashton in Makerfield and then A49 to Wigan.
  • El GordoEl Gordo Posts: 394
    Cheers for the help guys. A little late unfortunately as I passed through there last Monday(my fault for asking the question too late).

    I got to admit that it wasn't the nicest bit of cycling I've ever done and I did find myself on a few dual carriageways. They wern't too bad though as it wasn't rush hour and the hard shoulders are very wide. It's not a particularly big place either so it was over in no time at all.
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