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Sid Standard bike.

valerianvalerian Posts: 36
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Evening all !
Just been to collect this bike....and I must say I'm chuffed to bits with it so far, though it needs a bit of work.


The photos don't show it, but the headbadge [it's actually a sticker] says "Sid Standard Superbe Lightweight Cycles 35-37 Chilwell Road Beeston".

The other sticker gives the maker as Peter Riches who I understand was the head frame builder at Mercian at one stage in his career.

Can't quite make out what tubing is used for the frame as the rear dropout is stamped "Columbus" but there is some sort of Reynolds 531 sticker on the forks.

Frame looks to be in excellent condition and overall everything just needs a clean up and re-grease.
If anyone has any thoughts/comments please fire away !


  • HinaultHinault Posts: 5

    I am Sid Standard's son and I can tell you a lot more about the frame. If you give me the frame number I can tell you all the details about when it was built, tubing, lugs, angles and even how much it cost at the time as I still have the log books for all the Superbe frames.

    If you need new transfers speak to Kevin at Sid Standard's bike shop in Beeston, Nottingham on 0115 9256647.

    My Dad died in 2003 but from 1975 until 2000 he ran his bike shop in Beeston and was extremely active in the cycling community, a commitment which saw one of the trams in Nottingham being named after him - a Google search will tell you more about him.

    Pete Riches was indeed one of the UK's best frame builders, I think personally he was the best. As the Superbe frames could never be mass produced, they were instead an example of true craftsmanship and individuality which Pete built because he enjoyed building frames.

    I hope you enjoy the bike and the frame - please let me know if you'd like any further information.

  • valerianvalerian Posts: 36
    What a wonderful surprise to receive your reply David, and thank you for it !

    I never imagined I would be contacted by anyone with such first-hand knowledge. Where would we be without the Web, eh?

    I bought this lovely bike purely from the attached photographs because the quality shone out like a beacon....the seller made no mention of the fact that it was one of your dad's frames and I bought it purely on the basis that it looked good.

    A Google on your father's name does indeed show how well-respected he was not just in cycling circles but also in the wider community as a whole, and I'm sure you are very proud of him. I am sorry he is no longer with us.

    I would be very interested in any further information you can supply. To this end, the frame number is 1789. I am certain of all the digits apart from the last one, which may possibly be an 8. It appears the paint is original so the colour may be the decider, though I am almost certain that 1789 is the correct number.

    On the subject of the colour, I wonder if touch-in pots of paint still exist ? A long shot I know, but I intend to keep the frame exactly as is rather than having it resprayed. Apart from anything else my missus loves the yellowy/gold/pearlescent colour ! So do I for that matter.

    Any information would be much appreciated, and thanks again for your reply.


  • mavesynmavesyn Posts: 23
    talk about, from the horses mouth..........
    Fab stuff. Nice looking bike by the way.
  • meagainmeagain Posts: 2,331
    "Superbes" still popular amongst e.g. Notts and Derbys CTC folk. This year's CTC organized (I think) Sid Standard Memorial Ride is on Sunday 14 September. A friend of mine is organising it and if any one wants details mail me and I'll let you know entry details etc in due course.

    Nice bike!
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  • valerianvalerian Posts: 36
    Any joy with details from the frame number please, David ?

    Cheers, Don.
  • HinaultHinault Posts: 5
    Don - I do apologise, I am not sure what the problem is but the PM message I responded with to your enquiry is still in the Outbox and doesn't look like it has been sent - so I do apologise, I wasn't ignoring your response!

    The log books are in storage and I hope to get them on Saturday - probably just as well I get hold of them in case anyone else is looking for such detail. The frame number indicates it was the 17th bike built in 1989 and I will send you the appropriate detail.

    As PM does not seem to want to work for me - would you mind if I posted as part of this tiopic? Or if anyone can provide answers to my PM rpoblem I would be obliged.

  • andypandyp Posts: 9,999
    I believe the PM problem isn't a problem - any PM you send sits in your outbox until the receiver reads it. So Valerian hasn't seen that he has a PM. Hopefully he'll revisit the thread and realise this now.

    It's a lovely looking bike btw.
  • valerianvalerian Posts: 36
    :oops: I can confirm there is nothing wrong with your PM, David !

    Apologies, but things have to be accompanied by loud whistles and flashing lights to gain my attention and I saw nothing to say I had received a PM. I got there in the end, and thank you for your replies.

    I have no objection to your update being via this site but if you prefer, my e-mail address is [email protected]. I would indeed be very interested to see any photos you may have, but please do it in a timescale to suit yourself. It is very kind of you to assist.

    Regards, Don.

    Update....the e-mails confirming I have received a PM have been going to an e-mail address I no longer use ! Mystery solved.
  • velocitizenvelocitizen Posts: 327
    Any body interested in Superbe's and local to the area should pop into the Cycle Inn shop. (Address and Tel. number above)
    They have a lovely 1997 model, one of the last built, which they are seling for the previous owner, it looks in great hardly used condition, lovely frame lugs and detailing, early 105 sti 8 speed groupset, guards, Brooks etc, they have the original receipt etc. from when it was built too....It's a nice bike at a good price, just a little big for me, but will make someone a fantastic bike.
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  • sskellysskelly Posts: 79
    I has a gold Sid Standard that I bought second hand (probably around 1988), it was my first time trialling bike and was a lovely machine. I kitted it out with Campag Chorus.

    Unfortunately a few years later I passed my driving test and being a skint 17 year old, sold the bike. If anyone out there bought the bike (near Bath), I would love to hear from you - and if you want to sel it.....!
  • I knew Sid in the late 1980s. I rode with the local CTC and the Tandem Club, and was always in Sid's shop for something or the other. I'm please to read that Kevin has kept the shop going. "Hinault" will be Dave Standard, then?

    I was very sorry to hear of Sid's tragic death, some time after it happened. By coincidence, I had passed him on a ride a few months before - not having seen him for many years before that. Sid was leading a ride of young club members along the Trent Valley Way, and I was going the other way on my 700c unicycle and we exhanged smiles of surprised recognition.

    The SS Superbe bikes were nicely made, and I coveted one when I was riding regularly.

    If I recall correctly, Sid was involved in the design of the Sturmey-Archer 5 speed hub. He was certainly a leading light in the local CTC, and much loved.
  • David I have recently aquired a Sid Standard Superbe which has been living around Alice Springs in Central Australia. Can you shed any light on the history and how I might be able to get some new tranfers from Australia should i decide to repaint?
  • StedmanStedman Posts: 377
    Ironically my fixie is built from a gold coloured 531 Superbe frame with the 81140 frame number. Apparently the 81 denotes the year it was built. Five years ago Kevin Jackson had an auction of three of these frames in his shop window, which is where mine came from.

    Scissorcut, Kevin Jackson who currently owns Sid’s old shop still has the transfers for these frames.
  • dabberdabber Posts: 1,917
    What a great thread... really stuff. Nice bikes as well.

    Edit... just realised it's a reallly old thread.
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  • As this thread has reappeared I'll take the opportunity to repost my comment a few messages back. I would love to buy back my old pride and joy, I had to save and save to buy the bits for the bike (bit by bit). I can recall my parents lending the money to buy the brakes so that I could do a time trial on it in Bournemouth.

    It was a pale gold colour:

    "I had a gold Sid Standard that I bought second hand (probably around 1988), it was my first time trialling bike and was a lovely machine. I kitted it out with Campag Chorus.

    Unfortunately a few years later I passed my driving test and being a skint 17 year old, sold the bike. If anyone out there bought the bike (near Bath), I would love to hear from you - and if you want to sel it.....!"
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