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Morzine - Which rides to do

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I am lucky enough to be going to morzine in 2 weeks (please dont rain).
I have rebuilt my bike with 150mm all mountain forks and 8inch brakes.
I wondered if anyone can recommend any of the xc rides.
I like riding agresive xc/mild DH. I do Cwmcar & Afan alot and sometime do the DH section of cwmcarn but dont really like bog jumps etc (like to stay on the ground)
Can anyone point us in the right direction ?


  • explosifpeteexplosifpete Posts: 1,327
    If you go to the office du torism they have really good trail maps as there are so many trails, non of them bad
  • ijh66ijh66 Posts: 122
    hi i went to les gets/morzine two years ago with my giant vt fitted with 150mm forks and managed to ride almost everything on it, i also ride cwmcarn/afan alot as i'm lucky enough to live near cwm carn so you should be ok with most stuff even the downhill courses,have a good time i did :P
  • RlewisRlewis Posts: 206
    Hi :)

    I did Morzine with a couple of mates last year . Went with Alpine Elements who were just about ok as a tour word of warning though.....not much xc riding in Morzine mostly all mad downhill stuff . If there was an xc stuff we didnt find it.

    However having said that there was a good run I used to do every day . Catch the Pleney lift out of morzine upto the top then follow a nice xc trail down into Les Gets . Catch the Chervanne express lift which takes you upto the top of an ok downhill trail called Les Gets 1 and enjoy !!

    Take your full face and body will need
    I\'m up for anything..well almost anything
  • If you can find it, I can heartily recommend The Shrine Trail. It's called that because in the middle of it there's a little shrine. If I remember rightly it's somewhere close to the chatel bike park. Super techy singletrack, awesome ride. It doesn't appear to be on any maps though, but if you ask around it is quite well known. There are days and days of really amazing XC available, just hire a guide or ask around for recommended trails once you are there. Oh yeah, if you want a mean climb, try the Col de Cou. About 400m of super steep, only-just-ridable switchbacks. The run into Morzine on the return is quite fun too.
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