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Any advice for a first 12 hour marathon ?

MilitantGrahamMilitantGraham Posts: 220
edited May 2008 in XC and Enduro
Just an idea at the moment, but I would like to do a 12 hour solo marathon this year.
I've never ridden more than about 5 hours (almost) non stop before.

Ride longer and longer each weekend until I'm up to 12 hours ?

Two hours riding, ten minutes eating, drinking and resting ?

I'll probably go for a multi lap event so I won't have to carry 12 hours worth of food and drink with me. Just a bottle on the bike and a quick pit stop for food or a change of shirt as the weather gets warmer or cooler.

Anyone here done 12 hours solo ?
What's your tactics ?
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  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    Have you tried doing a Merida marathon?

    These take an average guy 6 hours plus to complete, although quick lads can do them in 4.

    Its not just the being in the saddle for 12 hours but 12 hours and going as fast as you can comfortably. Also being in a race environment where other riders are around you and mistakes are easily made is different to riding socially or on your own. If the course is technical then extra care must be taken when you are starting to fatigue. A crash or fall can be disastrous.

    Another idea is to do one of the 10-under events in Scotland. You will soon learn your best strategy.

    Personally, I would take an energy drink and gels to consume on the fly and try to ride for 2-3 hours before taking a break of maybe 20-30 mins. Leave good food in the car for your breaks. Pre-prepared pasta dishes, sandwiches, loads of chocolate, bananas will give you something to look forward to on your stops.

    Good luck.
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