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Carbon post 27.2mm

thefartingcockeralthefartingcockeral Posts: 394
edited April 2008 in MTB workshop & tech
I presently have a 2006 cannondale with a non branded carbon post in 27.2mm which i need to replace as the seat clamp is knackered. i was going to replace with a new carbon post but someone advised me not to put another carbon post in my cannondale as it was of a thin diameter. He stated that carbon posts in cannondales have a bad rep before and recommended aluminium again.
Does anyone know of any other reason for this, and should I replace with another carbon post or aluminium one instead.
I have had a carbon post in my spec for 4 years with no problems but is is a 30.9mm one.
Any help would be appreciated to help me decide.
Cheers all


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