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Hydration Packs

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Are Camelbak still the best option when purchasing one of these? I am intending to do some xc marathons this year(100km). So is it 2 or 3 litre's? I see Wiggle have deals on the Camelbak Mayhem & Mule systems but not sure which is the best or should i be looking at those made by Lezyne or Scott?

Thanks for any input.


  • omegasomegas Posts: 970
    The difference between carrying 2 or 3 litres of fluid on your back over long distances can have those straps digging in and fatigue you quicker.
  • MatteeboyMatteeboy Posts: 996
    Not much room in a Mule if you fill it right up (to 3 litres) but I'd rather have too much water capacity than not enough.

    Best option is 2 litres in the Camelback, then a 1 litre (ish) bottle in a cage - well I prefer that option anyway.
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  • gs3gs3 Posts: 249
    IMO Camelbak are the best (I have a HAWG and Mule) but that was only after I had actually tried number of other brands until I got one which fitted me properly - right shape and length etc so as to reduce any problems with straps digging in or pack moving about too much.
    Even if another brand of bag was better fitting I would still have gone for the Camelbak bladder to fit in it. Bombproof and easy to clean.

    As far as volume of fluid is concerned, if you are doing long distances between stops, the pack is only going to get lighter as you empty it!! I always go for more rather than less in this situation.
  • epicEmepicEm Posts: 45
    I agree with everything gs3 says!
  • frayzfrayz Posts: 40
    I have hydration systems from DaKine.

    A Endo that i use on the bike and a Heli Pro i use when snowboarding :D

    Theyre very well made and nicer finiahed than the camelbaks i have seen.
  • grantwaygrantway Posts: 1,430
    I agree with gs3 but i have the Camelback with three liters.

    Just dont fill it up so much when doing small rides, at least you have the option
    of when doing long rides in the heat you need more fluids so fill it up more.

    Nothing no worse than in the middle of a good ride and you have no fluids.

    The bigger Camels have compression straps to decrease the size of the bag
    and regarding the chest straps these are adjustable to suit to fit.
  • Drfabulous0Drfabulous0 Posts: 1,539
    I've tried the RaceFace bladder, which was good but the tube split pretty soon. I also tried one from Decathlon which was like trying to suck at egg through the eye of a needle, even after widening the valve with a knife. I now have the 3 litre Camelback, in a different bag, but it is rarely filled up.
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