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Sherwood Pines

big_tex_ukbig_tex_uk Posts: 183
edited September 2008 in MTB rides
Anyone ridden up at Pines recently, i have not been there for ages and wondered what it is like now?

Is it difficult to find the trails that are any good as i dont fancy riding around the boring fire roads for ages.....

Aiming to go tomorrow any idea if it is any good after wet weather?
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  • RykardRykard Posts: 582
    They had got a lot of trails closed as they were redoing a lot of them.

    I know there was a website attached to the forestry commission I think. may be worth googling.

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  • There is another thread about this here
    I have posted a map of the new route. It isn't finished yet but most is ridable and recently waymarked.
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