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Cheap road bike?

02walkerj02walkerj Posts: 80
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I am totaly new to road riding, at the monent i have a croos country bike but i like the look of rideing country roads and covering a bit more distance.

I want a bike just to get me started, anything faster than a MTB will do.
Is it worth buying a cheap road bike, and how low can i go?
I have seen some cheap ones at decathlon for arounf £150.

Thanks for any help.


  • redddraggonredddraggon Posts: 10,862
    Super Cheap isn't always the best way. I personally recommend spending a bit more, £300 - £400 if your budget can be stretched.

    Although I'm sure the 2008 Decathlon bikes for £200 will be pretty good, my nephew is getting one when they arrive.

    Try to avoid getting the really cheap downtube shifter bike from Decathlon, it's poor value compared to the slightly more expensive bike (~£200) with STIs.
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  • willbevanwillbevan Posts: 1,241
    if youwat something to get you started the decathlon stuff is pretty good

    would echo the thought of NOT gettingthe really cheap ones.

    I bought a 07 Sport 2 Ltd. 16 speed sora and it is not bad atall but if it was a double and i quikcl changed for a compact.

    If your coming from a Mountain bike,i would suggest getting a tripple(does depend on your fitness) but you can always not use allthe gears if youhave them,but if you dont you can only regret notgetting them.

    The next one up was 269 GBP, campagl,wishi had gotthat!, mainl beucase it was tripple,andi can reach the side buttons on campag shifters,butnot on shimano
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  • What do you mean by tripple?
  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,438
    3 chainrings.
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