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Please don't park your tank here please!

chill888chill888 Posts: 66
edited January 2008 in The bottom bracket
Cycling the Col du Mollendruz today in Switzerland (Jura mountains).

Translated: Forbidden to park tank!

Note the Mountain biking signs bottom left, cycling paradise here.



  • BronzieBronzie Posts: 4,927
    chill888 wrote:
    Cycling the Col du Mollendruz today in Switzerland (Jura mountains).
    Lucky you Chill..............although I guess you are living up to your name at the minute.............Is cold no - brrrrrrrrrrrr?

    So, did you happen to meet any tanks coming the other way?
  • jongingejonginge Posts: 5,945
    Love those signs. Keep 'em coming :)

    Takes me back a few years! Watched the Tour go up the col de la faucille in that neck of the woods. Sean Yates was on the front towing the peloton...

    ...just done the numbers. That was 19 years ago! I feel old
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  • Hi JonGinge

    I watched live the stage up the Col de la Faucille a few of years ago (2004)

    A very interesting stage as it was when Armstrong had the Tour won but Simeoni (spelling) tried a breakaway.

    Recall, Armstrong was mad at him for testifying against an LA doctor.

    Net, as the Peleton came by we saw Lance himself leading a strung out group on the pursuit. It showed how strong he was. We were confused at what was going on until we chatted with a local bartender - but was exciting.
  • geoff_ssgeoff_ss Posts: 1,234
    We spent a few days cycling in Yorkshire around the Catterick area last Autumn and there were a few road signs relating to tanks there. We thought it was funny too :)

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