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Going to Lanzarote 3-10 Jan with the wife, plan to run/cycle every day, start my London marathon training.

Can hire a road bike and/or MTB from Renner bikes, Puerto Del Carmen.

Any tips, advice, good routes etc...

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  • Mog UkMog Uk Posts: 964
    I was in Costa Teguise at the start of this month, fantastic smooth roads, and in hindsight I wished I'd hired a bike. I did go running every morning along the coast. Can get very windy at times though, especially in the evening.

    I loved it, have a great time....
  • HI,
    One good rout is down to Playa Blanca at the bottom of the island. If ypur'e hiring a road bike though it does get quite busy on the dual carriage way down to there. I normally hire a mountain bike and head up to PDC to watch the Triathlon when I'm there during may. Some tips though:
    1. Goddcyccling glasses with good wrap around as it gets quite windy and gritty
    2. Plenty of fluid as there is not a lot in between the major towns
    3. Total sunblock and long sleeved top as although you'll not be sweating that much the sun can get ferocious.
  • fossyantfossyant Posts: 2,549
    Just give it some coming down fire mountain - me and a mate overtook all the cars - just don't think about coming off as all that pumice will turn you into juice if you come off.......

    Some good roads, small island, so you'll soon get round - difficult to get lost. Windy as well. Motorists are much better than here with cyclists as it's a popular destination for sporty types.....

    Go to the top end of the island and have a look at the pink lagoons (you don't have to go into the cafe / restaurant ) to see them - wow - the name escapes me but they are fantastic.

    We stayed in Costa Teguise in about 1993.
  • Ive been cycling in Lanzarote every March for the past 4 years as a friend of mine owns a timeshare at Club La Santa.

    A couple of rides i can recommened are

    Route 1 - Leave PDC & head to Tias then onto San Bartolome and up to Teguise, from there head to Haria and up to the Mirador del Rio.

    From the Mirador del Rio descend into Arrieta, go across the roundabout in Arrieta and after about 1km turn right and start the Tabayesco climb, after about 3/4 of the way up turn left and climb up the switchbacks that you would have previously cycled down on your way into Haria.

    Tabayesco climb is approx 10km long and climbs 2000ft

    From top of climb head back to Teguise, San Bartolome, Tias then back into PDC

    Although not cold i recommened taking some arm warmers & a gillet / windshell jacket at this time of year.

    Route 2 - Leave PDC head to Uga then Femes, drop down from Femes into Las Brenas, follow road round to El Golfo then onto Yazia.

    From Yazia head into Timanfaya National Park & cycle to Mancha Blanca, at T junction in Mancha Blanca ( a sports field will be on your right hand side ) turn right head back into National Park & cycle for about 7km then turn left at T junction, head into San Bartolome then Tias and back to PDC.
  • RedAendeRedAende Posts: 158
    repacking my bag now with some longs and windstopper. Off tomorrow.


    Red Aende, Red Spesh Hardrock, Wine Mercian, Rusty Flying Scot
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