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Good frame?

AeszaAesza Posts: 13
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Hi, first of all i'm new to the forums and would like some advice :) ...

I have ordered a Carrera Fury (comes in 2 days) and I need to know if the frame is ok or if I should sell it for 100-200£ and buy a better replacement because some people said its weak and looks bad, so should I replace it or keep it? And if i was to replace it, how much would it cost for a new one (heard Kona do some good ones) and how much would i get for the Fury's frame?

Also, are there many frames under £250 which are stronger or lighter?


  • easygeasyg Posts: 266
    To be honest the frame you have isn't at all bad by the looks of things for an entry level buy, although I have never ridden a Carrera bike.

    We don't know what riding you do? so check these out and research them according to what riding you think you will be doing (XC, jumping, commuting, rocky trails etc) -

    Going up in price...
    Check out the On One Inbred 456 - £150 - every review on this thing raves about it, but its not suited to particularly tall riders apparently (FYI) - the owner of On One told me this!

    GT - my mate has an Avalanche 1.0 and its pretty good for the price he paid for the whole bike. Think their frames are around £160-180 ish. GT Zaskar is the prob. the most renowned but costs same kind of cash.

    Kinesis Maxlight (varied models) - c. £210-360 - very well reviewed, and look nice in white in my opinion.

    Identiti frames, again diff. models for diff riding - Mr Hyde which is for XC riding is £270

    Kona Scrap (cheaper end) - £200, Kona Kula Primo (more expensive, lighter I beleive) £330

    More Top End stuff (ie. costs more! not necessarily better for you and your riding):

    Orange hardtails (actually all their bikes!) always get good reviews and are purchasable from orange direct ( - c. £320-380 - Clockwork, ev08 etc v,good for XC, and the Crush or Sub Zero exceptional BUT for more aggressive riding and would require longer travel on your forks (upto 140mm/ 160mm really)

    Cove Stiffee - c. £520

    Marin hardtail frames are awesome if you can pick one up second hand (like me!!) - sadly they don't distribute them as frame only purchases

    So yes you can get a 'better' frame for £250, which might look tastier also, BUT as I said though mate it will depend on what riding you do as to how much better it actually is. The frame you have is light lending itself to XC (in my book anyway) and has travel upto 130mm, assuming it came with Toras (?) so you might be best to stick with it, get the bug then upgrade when its worth spending more money, buying a frame that is really specific to your riding style (ie agressive, you might get into freeriding or jumping as well etc.)

    Anyway, thats enough rambling - good luck.
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  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    ERR if you are thinking of changing it before you have even got it i have to ask WHY did you get it?

    It is actually a good XC bike if it has been put together by a competent spanner monkey.
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  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    There is no way you will get £200 for a Fury frame. Just keep it as it is, you may like it yet.
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  • nicklouse wrote:
    ERR if you are thinking of changing it before you have even got it i have to ask WHY did you get it?

    It is actually a good XC bike if it has been put together by a competent spanner monkey.

    Yeh, I have to question why you are buying a £500 bike, with the intention of selling the more or less straight away!

    Wouldn't you be better buying something like a Rockhopper 07 in the sales which has the better M4 frame with lots of upgrade potential!

    Think about it!
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