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Training Plan

sc00by_2sc00by_2 Posts: 4
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Looking for help.
My best friend has signed up for a charity bike ride across Guatemala to raise funds to help local children. She will be riding approx. 60k per day light cross-country for 7 days and leaves in 8 weeks. She is a relative beginner i.e. she comes out with us regularly on the single-track but we only usually do 20k max and she is worried about fitness. Can anyone help with a training regime that will help her build her fitness for the upcoming event. She is so busy with fund-raising I agreed to help with the cycling side of things and do not want to let her down with rubbish advice. All advice eagerly welcomed and thanked for in advance.
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  • Dr_DeathDr_Death Posts: 1,262
    There is not gonna be a lot else to do with this short a time other than to put in the miles....

    Lots of them.

    Make sure to factor in some rest days as well otherwise you don't get all the benefit but essentially it is gonna be miles miles and more miles. Probably won't need any specific sprinting type strength but will need stamina ++

    Trust me, I'm a doctor!
  • toastytoasty Posts: 2,598
    Be very careful with diet as well, if she's rapidly going to be jumping up in miles she needs to jump up in carbs a lot, probably a small amount of protein as well to aid recovery and allow her to build up strength/stamina without eating into muscle mass.

    A cheap heart rate monitor with calorie count can be handy for training up, she can work on different areas of her riding by working at different heart rates. By varying the type of riding she can get the max training without burning herself out.

    If she wakes up and feels fatigued, don't go riding. The rest days are as important as the training days.
  • RobinioRobinio Posts: 59
    Yep plenty of carbs, preferebly lower GI the better. So thinks like brown bread, brown rice, wholemeal pasta and oats etc.

    Store up for a fair few days before you fly out.
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