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Does anyone have a Lupine front light for their bike?

I'm after an idea of how they compare to Hope, Lumicycle etc. As they are so much money I need convincing of which is the best light to buy!

I like the idea of the Lupine Wilma LED light.

Any help would be appreciated.
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    I've got an Edi 5 and really happy with it. Great burn time, super bright and nice and light. I fit both the light and the battery on my bars. I will add that it's had to be returned twice !! Once for not charging (replaced battery) and once for a replacement lens. However, this being said I had the light back both times within a week and no arguments. Would buy it again.

    I've not seen the Wilma to compare but heard that is also good. I've also been riding with others who had the Hope's and the Edi was far better in my opinion (I'm sure the Hope users may have something to say about that though :lol: )
  • if you are going for the lupines these are the new price listings;
    model min/med/max run time charge time
    passubio xl-£230.....2.15hr /n/a /6hr ...............4hr
    wilma 4 ltd -£365......3hr / 4hr / 33hr................3hr
    wilma 6 -£430.......4hr/ 6.3hr/42hr..............4hr
    wilma 8 -£465.......5.3hr/8.3hr/56hr............6hr
    betty 6 -£595........3hr/6.3hr/168hr............4hr
    betty 12 -£695........6hr/13hr/336hr.............8hr

    they will be advertising in a few of the mags "R.I.P H.I.D, LONG LIVE LEDS"
    i have just spent the day with the reps from zyro (u.k distributor for lupine)and they were championing the new version and i must admit the leds were indeed bright and far more focussed then your average hids. the other thing that i was impressed with was that fact that the lupines have a 2yr warranty on ther leds. they also will come with the helmet mount as standard from now on. but most imprtantly they will also survive a far greater amount of crashes than other units as the leds aren't as unstable as the h.i.ds.
    either way i looks like a good year for those crazy german light makers.
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    I don't suppose you can get discount on the lupines?

    I think I will probably go for the Wilma 4 as it should be enough for my XC ride. I just wish it was more around the £200 mark. I guess i'll just have to open my wallet a bit further!
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    Just got this months WMB mag and there's a light review in there, may be worth you taking a read before you buy
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    Did you get it in a newsagents or through the post (subscription)?

    I know they were doing a big light review but thought the magazine wasn't out for another few weeks.
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