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New bike - How often?

teachermanteacherman Posts: 454
edited September 2007 in MTB buying advice
Just curious to know how many people buy new at the start of each 'season' and how many ride a bike to death before changing it.

Not making any judgements here - just find it interesting. :D
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How often do people buy a new bike? 0 votes

A new one every year
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When I see something I really want
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When I can see daylight through the welds
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  • teachermanteacherman Posts: 454
    censored - there was meant to be a 'when i can see daylight through the welds' option on there as well - don't know where that's gone and don't know how to edit a poll :oops:

    I hate it when people say David Beckham's stupid...its not like anyone ever says: 'Stephen Hawking - he's s**t at football.' Paul Calf
  • ddoogieddoogie Posts: 4,159
    I won't be replacing mine any time soon. I'm glad I bought it before I went to uni!
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  • ShadowduckShadowduck Posts: 845
    I'll certainly be hanging on to my commuting hybrid until the wheels fall off it!

    I'm seriously considering buying a roadie sometime over the next few months in preparation for having a go at the Manchester 100 next year but that'll most likely be second hand. I'm fairly flexible as to what exactly it is so with any luck I can get last year's model from someone who has to have the newest toys and just bought the latest thing!

    I don't honestly see the point of upgrading if what you've got is up to the job, unless you're racing and those tiny improvements really will make a difference to you.
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  • adamskibadamskib Posts: 53
    I shopped around and thought carefully before buying my 'expensive' hardtail..... doing the same now for my suspensiony one. I will keep both until I REALLY need a new toy... or they break!

    Dont like the idea of changing the whole thing.... more evolving what I have... keeps the interest up and in a year or two I should be able to build another bike from the upgraded bits :D
  • clarksonclarkson Posts: 1,641
    to be honest i prefer upgrading what i have. tis more fun and gives more satisfaction on the trail.

    having said that just bought an 06 enduro expert for really hammering, but it is ex demo and last years bike so got a nice little discount.

    tis currently at the shop being fixed. :(
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  • been running current bike for coming up to 3 years, and to fix all i've run to death will be ~£400, for a bike that cost £650 originally i'm now going for a new one :l although i'm moving from ht to fs so it's quite a change anyway :p will most likely keep current though and ride it to its death.
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  • AmosAmos Posts: 438
    I wish i was rich enough to be able to buy a new bike each year! Im currently saving for a Full Sus for next year :D
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