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Hope Pro 3

time666time666 Posts: 20
edited August 2007 in XC and Enduro
Hi all

Does anyone know if Hope are going to produce a 20mm front hub in Pro 3 flavour?

At the moment i am holding back on a set of new wheels because I like the straight pull hubs, and so far can only get the mavic ST disc in 20mm but TBO i'd rather the Hope pro3 hubs with mavic 819 rims.

my LBS have a Hope hub & DT swiss 4.2d rim which would be fine for the rear but no option for the front wheel for the maxle 20mm.

any advise on mixing the hope pro3 & DT Swiss 4.2 for me rear and a Mavic ST disc up front? Good idea or not?

What would you do, any help appreciated.



  • ANDE.BANDE.B Posts: 544
    i wouldn't hold your breath.....
    considoring hope arn't even selling pro 3's on their own yet and only selling them as lightweight wheel packages to a very small number of shops...

    It seems like it would be stupid for them not to release a 20mm hub version...
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    They may be concentrating on specific hubs. The conversion is useful, but if you dont need it you are packing in extra weight over specific XC hubs.
  • ANDE.BANDE.B Posts: 544
    I wish they'd get on and release the pro3 as a hub-only.... i fancy having a hope3 threaded to a ZTR olympic rim!
    My Pinkbike Pics
    "Cycling is just like church - many attend, but few understand." Jim Burlant
  • DiscopoohDiscopooh Posts: 109
    Sherwood Pines cycles told us today that they had Hope 3's on order but if you snap a spoke then you have to send your wheel back to hope to rebuild it!!!!!!
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