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Which knee pads?

Dicky Boy DaviesDicky Boy Davies Posts: 11
edited September 2007 in XC and Enduro
I ride half XC, half trails (in particular Brechfa) on a hardtail and want to get some knee protection, partly because my mate broke his knee cap recently and partly because I want the added confidence when tackling downhill sections. I don't really know what to go for, any suggestions? Sixsixone Veggies look good, but are they solid enough not having a plastic shell?


  • S_J_PS_J_P Posts: 908
    The Brand-X Mk-II pads are inexpensive and get good reviews. I use them occasionally, and whilst they're quite warm and sweaty in really hot weather, then remain in place and seem to give good protection.
  • streakostreako Posts: 2,937
    I use Brand X's from CRC for under £20. They are quite comfy, but will slip down slightly on the climbs. Give good protection though.
    Dainese get good reviews, although not cheap.
  • I also use Brand-X and very good protection or the money.
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  • NoodooNoodoo Posts: 214
    I use 661 4x4s.
    i've not hit any big rocks with my knees yet, but they're quite comfortable (although a bit sweaty on the ol' shins) and they've stopped me getting grazes, stings and scratches anywhere on my legs when roughing it through the woods off the beaten track through the undergrowth numerous times.

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  • ranvirranvir Posts: 155
    spend a bit more cash and buy the best - dainese. I've ridden with them on for over an hour and they haven't caused me any irritation.
  • daxiondaxion Posts: 104
    I've used 661, Race face, and a few others.
    For agressive XC I have 661 Kyle Strait Knee pads for FR/DH I use race Face FR Knee/Shin pads offer full coverage.
    Dave - Spin instructor
  • I use veggies and think they're fine. They do protect really well, even though they don't have the plastic, they're light, breathable, don't effect bending your knee and you forget you're wearing them. At first they feel too tight but after about two rides they stretch and feel great.

  • cukravecukrave Posts: 54
    hi iuse the 661 race lites and they are great as i used to down hill and they can take a knock and they are really comfy on a long ride to.
  • thaibogthaibog Posts: 271
    thumbs up for the brand-x mk2's here also

    will say it again...these are amazing and very comfortable..did a whole day in the warm at afan and had no irritation or discomfort..i have hit the deck amongst other things many times and they have done me proud...and cheap as chips...damn bargain
  • shin0rshin0r Posts: 555
    Another thumbs up for the Brand X mk2s :D
  • brand x are terrible, waste of time money and my eye sight, cant stand looking at them they make me feel giddy!

    if ya want knee armour go for either veggie wraps by 661 or the 4x4 they have the hard sheel over the knee cap

    i would persoanlly go for shin and knee much more protection and to be honest i have messed up my shins more than my kness while oot riding.

    i.e. 661 race guards, or Dainese

    boooom! strap on some pads n go ride!
  • Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
    661 Race are good...
    You have to stop once in a while and pull them up a bit, but then nothing's perfect.
  • I Have been using 661 veggies for my knees and 661 chicken wings for elbows for about 3 years now and they are mint, wouldn't leave to go riding without them, in the summer can get a bit sweaty but hey what do you want, its a knee pad! on the plus side they keep you warm in the winter.

    They are comfy, but at first take a little getting used to, as I imagine any knee pads would! I stick them in the wash after a few rides along with my riding kit and even on a hot wash 60' they are fine, just leave to dry naturally( which is pretty quick ).

    Hope this helps


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