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Is my mongoose to big ?

pdrolopdrolo Posts: 127
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Im used to road bikes - my old mountain bike was a size 20 - so when I brought my mongoose - I went for an 18" (meduim) - the bars have always felt wide - but now I wondering if the bike is to big ... ... 700995.jpg

what do you think ?
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    First off you need to make sure you have adequate knackers clearence, 3 inches is good. Equally as important is the stretch to the bars, or top tube length, which also increases as the bike frame gets larger. You look a little upright on it, but the bike is designed this way.

    Did you try it out first?
  • pdrolopdrolo Posts: 127
    I couldn't actually get to try a mongoose - everywhere had sold out of the 'mr average' sizes -
    my main concern is the width of the bars - which I will chop down when I get chance - but then I got thinking - if the bars are to big - is the bike to big. - I do feel upright on it (but in some ways this no bad thing - as I am here because riding road bikes on dops - is giving me back problems)
    .....but it almost feels like a sit up and beg - pretty sure I can get a better position - but just wanted some expert views !
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  • supersonicsupersonic Posts: 82,708 Lives Here
    In the end it does come down to feel. Many bikes come with very wide bars nowadays, some at 27 inches when the trail norm used to be 23. They can easily be cut down though.
  • Slide the controls and grips down a little and see how it feels, if it feels better then cut off the excess bar.
    Simple. :)

    On another note, from the position of your hands/wrists, you may benefit from rotating the bars towards you slightly (think motorbike throttle on), though it is hard to tell from a photo.

    Experiment to get the best position, but remember that you cannot put the metal back onto the handlebars once you've cut it off! :wink:
    Wheelies ARE cool.

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  • dunkerdunker Posts: 1,503
    looks fine to me, you could try raising the saddle slightly so your on tiptoes when sat on it and have a play with the seat rails as 1/2cm back or forward feels very different i've found.

    just fiddle around with the bars/seatpost/saddle so you're comfy.
  • Coming from a road bike the handle bars are bound to feel wide. I know because I experienced the same thing. I made the switch back to MTB 2 years ago, before that the last MTB Irode was over 10years ago, technology has changed and with risers bar common place on bikes these day it can make the bikes feel overly chunky.

    I would suggest you play with bringing you saddle forward slightly, if you dont like it move it back. Try rotating the bars slightly, if you dont like it move it back. Give it some time, you will start to appreciate the enhanced control you get from the wider bars.

    If after a few weeks it still doesnt feel comfortable then go to you lbs and spend some money.
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