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Graeme Obree

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Here's a nice little bit On Graeme Obree - I don't know if he is serious on going for the Hour record again, but he seems to be talking himself up. Its a pity he was treated so shabbily by the UCI and teams.

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  • From reading his comments, he's still very bitter about the Le Groupment fiasco and pro-cycling in general.

    When people ask "Who cares if the pros dope themselves silly, they are only hurting themselves", remember his comments. In his eyes, the doping in cycling robbed him of a career because he was not willing to join in.

    The clean ones are those most affected by the whole doping ethos.

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    From reading his comments, he's still very bitter about the Le Groupment fiasco and pro-cycling in general.
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    Wouldnt you be, they virtually threw him out of the team because he didnt want to 'prepare' with the other riders...
  • I think Obree has grounds to sue the UCI for damages, and the personnel behind Le Groupement. Obree is the injured party and he's owed hundreds of thousansds of of Euros IMO. Verbruggen should be in court for what he did to Obree

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    I see the sentiment - but that would never happen.
  • comsensecomsense Posts: 245
    Thats a real interesting article - thnaks for posting it.
  • Mr BumbleMr Bumble Posts: 572
    I would pay big money to see Obree obliterate the Hour again!!!![^][8D][^]

    In fact I wonder if he is not that far off the mark, It would be beautiful if he did....

    Perhaps we should start a subscription to sponsor him[:p]

    Incidentally his book <i>The Flying Scotsman</i> is well worth reading
  • monty_dogcpmonty_dogcp Posts: 382
    Obree walked out of LeGroupement because he wasn't prepared to pay and participate in their 'preparation' and medical assistance programme. LeGroupemont were a dead duck anyway and folded by the middle of that year, oweing millions and finishing the careers of a number of riders. It wasn't just the UCI either, there were a number of the British Cycling establishment who didn't support him as well as members of the UK squad who participated in infantile behaviour. My best memory of him is seeing him stuffing everyone out of sight in the National 25 on Old Faithful in 1996 - his last major triumph.
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