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AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
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I'm after a new pump for my roadie.
I was quite impressed by the size of this one, the Topeak Micro rocket, another member at the club had, it looks like a good fit for the pocket, whilst I was looking at wiggle I also came accross the Alloy Powerpump by Crank bros.
Has anybody any experience of these and what did you think?

If I had a baby elephant, who would take it for walks?


  • NoodleyNoodley Posts: 1,725
    I have the Topeak micro and it is good enough to get the tyre up to "not bad" pressure withoiut giving yourself a hernia - for longer rides I also take a CO2 pump just to make sure pressure is up to what it should be when I am a bit knackered.
  • kenbaxterkenbaxter Posts: 1,251
    I've got the realy small one by Crank Brothers. Fits in a tool pack or back pocket really well. Takes a while to get tyre up to useable but also carry CO2 so only really need the pump to get the tyre started or for emergency. Pump seems pretty robust though, just don't expect to get a tyre up to high pressure in 30 seconds!
  • yakkyakk Posts: 589
    Hi Aido, I've got the crank bros pump. It's good as it has 2 gears - manly to start off with and a granny gear when the going gets tough. As Ken says, it takes a while, like all mini pumps. It's pretty good up to about 100psi - no doubt it will go higher if you have the will. Apparently it's totally rebuildable, but I haven't needed to.
    I'd recommend it.
  • barrybainesbarrybaines Posts: 273
    I recently bought a cyclaire mini pump which although a bit noisey is a nice size can be bought with a frame case and really bumps the air in! got my tyres up to 100 psi and about a minute ... arrybaines
  • AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
    Thanks Folks,

    Ive currently got the Cyclaire original in a frame pack, its on the bike at the moment but I find it a bit heavy and noisy, although I've never used it in anger, touch wood. As I said I like the size of the Topeak and crank bro ones, the reviews seem positive and one of them could be the solution.

    If I had a baby elephant, who would take it for walks?
  • andyhufandyhuf Posts: 30
    Hi I have got the Toepeak Mini Morph, used it for the first time today, it is good. What I like about it is that you don't put any pressure on the valve ( I am prone to pulling valves out of the tube)

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