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Some important buying advice questions

robxsterrobxster Posts: 9
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Main question: Can i fit 28/32mm tyres on a dawes audax sport?

I'm gathering that wider tyres are necessary for long distances (riding 80 miles a day for a week or something).

Is this to cope with the extra weight of more luggage more than anything else? I guess the bike would be more stable and wheels more protected against damage.

I was looking for a bike that is both nippy over short distances and ok for riding long distances on, therefore i was going to buy a dawes audax sport.

However as i'm used to riding mountain bikes any touring bike seems very fast and light to me. I've tried the dawes horizon and am hopign to try the audax sport too.

But am trying to decide if i need the ability to put wider tyres on (if i cant on the audax sport). I do not want to have to buy two bikes in the long run.

Thanks for advice,



  • Just from looking at the snaps, I'd say 28 absolute max - and maybe only 25s.

    Easiest simply to mail say Spa Cycles and ask them?

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