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Aussie riders for Podium of Le Tour de Franc

SpackSpack Posts: 18
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Ok people who walk the walk and talk the talk. Given recent results of Australian cyclists in Europe, I have a question.

How many Aussie riders will be on the podium(s) for the Yellow, Polka Dot, Green and young rider jerseys in the 2007?

Conservatively I believe in 2, optimistically I think we could get 4, but I will be not shocked with 5 riders.

Any one prepared to say more or less this far out from the end of the tour. I do not think McEwen will be far from the Green Jersey and Evans and Rodgers are strong contenders for the GC. And Stu O'Grady is "flying"! So Europe, this is the age of the Aussie attack on the biggest race in the world. Come on Aussies!!!


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Rogers for GC - are you smoking something? Evans is certainly up there for top 10, but he generally has a 'bad' day and his bike handling for a former MTB rider is pretty ropey. Also, can't see beyond Kasheshkin or Contador for the white jersey either. McEwen might get green, more from the virtue that the 'fast' boys can't get over the mountains and anyway, these days, he's more Belgian than Aussie.
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  • drenkromdrenkrom Posts: 1,062
    The Aussies are impressive this year, ideed. Some of them figure in my predictions, though I'm not as optimistic (or patriotic) as you are. I reckon Robbie is in for the Green. The Polka Dot is always so hard to call but I wouldn't put it on the shoulders of an Aussie. No Aussie makes my shortlist for White, unless I'm missing someone. you talked about podiums, so GC is touchy. Though I wouldn't put them on the podium, Evans and Rodgers make my top 10. With the whole T-Mobile behind him, Rodgers could sneek up to the podium if his margin of improvement this year matches that of last year. So 1 for sure, 2 if I feel risky.

    Now, let's doo this with my home country! how many Canadians on the podium this year? erm... oh... never mind.
  • alanmcn1alanmcn1 Posts: 531
    I tell ya, Rogers will be one of the main 4 contenders. His entire season has been spent quietly tuning up for the big one
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  • JulsproJulspro Posts: 51
    I am a little more optimistic with Aussies this year - that is if Vino and Levi have a bad tour.
    McKewen -my favorite firecracker sprinter - will be in green, with a least 2 stages, maybe 3. I also think we will see McKewen in yellow for 1 to 3 days. (Sorry Boonen).
    I think Evans could be in the top 3
    I think Rogers could be in top 10 (I don't know enough about this new, rather Tour inexperienced T-mobile team to put him any higher on GC).
    I also think O'Grady is riding great this year. Look for him to win a stage or 2 - And don't be surprised if he rides in the top 20 for the whole tour.

    As for KOM, I don't think we will see an Aussie in the polka dot jersey - Rasmussen as long as Menchov doesn't have a shot at GC 'skeletor' will get his chance to go for the KOM and a mountain stage win.

    The white jersey( again no aussie, sorry): I am speaking from the heart on this one and I don't care!! Go Contador!!!!!!!

    The yellow jersey, the big kahuna: no predictions at this time. I need to see how everyone rides at the tour de suisse, and also what Levi and Vino do the next 3 weeks training wise. Vino is changing some things up after his dismal performance in the mountains of France this past week. but, you never know - was he faking it? Did he not want the others to know how strong he really was? I don't know as I was unable to watch the Dauphine on the telly. I just find it really hard to believe he lost all that time.

    Caribbean Soul
    Caribbean Soul
  • SpiralproSpiralpro Posts: 34
    McEwen will have a good tour (nothing new here), but I fancy Hushovd for green. It's more a good feeling than anything.
    Evans mmmmm he'll do well to be in the top five, but more like top ten.
    Rodgers for the GC????!!!! I don't think so.
  • drenkromdrenkrom Posts: 1,062
    Skeletor!!! That is the best Rasmussen nickname ever! I shall now use it as my own, thank you Juls.
  • JulsproJulspro Posts: 51
    lol! No problem! Everytime I see the famous picture of him winning stage 9 of the 2005 Tour de France I just want to send him a pizza! ... tour059/51

    Caribbean Soul
    Caribbean Soul
  • campagchriscampagchris Posts: 773
    Michael Rogers has been a bit dissapointing in tour de suisse,is he saving himself?? I think we could see a domination from Kazach/Russian speaking riders this year.Vinokourov and Karpets spring to mind
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