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Tour de Suisse June 2007

KaytKayt Posts: 17
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I shall be visiting Switzerland in June, to see some of the Tour de Suisse. I would like to have any advice people are able to give.

I will be travelling within Switzerland by train, based in Chur (south east) for four nights and in Interlaken (an hour by train from Bern) for four nights. I have worked out the route (as far as is reaonably possible) from the outline of the route on the website for Tour de Suisse, and envisage short journeys by train to see the race pass on at least five days (in different locations).

I read with interest the advice given to someone who wishes to see the Tour de France. The vantage points I can reach will probably be dictated by my limited ability to climb any great altitude at speed on foot. Would I be better trying to get a good viewing point just before or after any small villages they pass through, or on a bend in a town? It seems to me that standing on the outside curve of a bend might carry some hazards. You may have already guessed that this is a new venture for me. I am familiar with the transport system in Switzerland, and the language, it is mainly the Cycle Racing aspect that I would very much appreciate advice on.

I have been closely following the Giro d'Italia, and am now starting to wonder who will be taking part in Switzerland. Some well-known cyclists are not in the Giro. Some have gone home in order to prepare for the Tour de France. I suppose that might increases my chances of seeing Fabian Cancellara.[:)]


  • EchappeeEchappee Posts: 79
    I've never been to the Tour De Suisse but have spectated at lots of other races. I'd suggest waiting to see what the weathers like. Mountains can be quite inhospitable in bad weather and in June there can still be lots of snow at the top.

    If its a warm sunny day then watching the race on one of the climbs will be you a great viewpoint but if the weathers poor then finding a nice vantage point in one of the towns will be a much more pleasurable experience!

    I think in terms of prepartion for the Tour De France, the Dauphine Libere seems to be the preferred option although the Tour De Suisse does still get a very good quality field
  • KaytKayt Posts: 17
    Thank you for your reply. I had forgotten that there could be snow near the tops of the mountains. Thank you for reminding me, so that I can pack my walking boots.

    Is there any "unspoken" etiquette that I need to be aware of. For instance if someone has got their car parked on the mountain, and it gets very crowded, will the owner of the vehicle expect to have the front of their car free of other spectators?

    Can you think of anything else I need to know?
  • jerry3571jerry3571 Posts: 1,532
    I think the weather, as shown in the Giro, can vary hugely; 10C-35C. If your up a mountain then see if they finish at a Ski Resort. Park up, off the course if you can , about three to four hours before the finish time and have a Coffee, look around and take it easy. Some of the Teams may stay in the Hotels up there so some riders may be hanging around in the evening. If you find a bar then it could be on TV so you can see where the race is. Look for Helicopters too as they will signify the race approaching. A Mountain is always better value for spectators as you get to see the riders going at a slower pace and individually too. Also, this is where the race is won and lost so you might be there when it all hits the fan.
    If you fancy seeing the race lower down the Mountain then try to park your car as off the road as possible, avoid parking on the inside of the bends (off the racing line). Get there well before the race comes through, take some sandwiches, as it's a lot of waiting. I got a hand held analogue TV to watch the race on too when waiting.
    Have a nice time and enjoy the scenery.
    Cheers Jerome
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  • campagchriscampagchris Posts: 773
    Have a great time,it has to be one of the most scenic tours on the calendar,post some pics up on here when you get back.
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    drat I missed this...still I can always catch the 2012 editio.....oh pooh...missed again. :D
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    Who's got leader jersey currently? :D
  • willhubwillhub Posts: 821
    I was fat and never cycled in 2007.
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    Who's got leader jersey currently? :D

    Did he earn it though?
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