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Procycling poll says Booned flopped????

alanmcn1alanmcn1 Posts: 531
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Personally i thought Boonen had a drastically unlucky Flanders, and rode like a Lion in Paris-Roubaix. Suffering from chronic diarrheoa (I presume everyone has seen the picture of him ion the velodrome from behind!) he was marked and marshalled throught the race, constantly dragging groups of riders into lead groups with no help. I don't think he did his reputation much harm at all? Suerly I'm not the only one who thinks this??????

Great Spring so far. Everey classic has had a big and deserving winner, and am going for Rebellin to keep the gerolsteiner train going in Fleche Wallone
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  • alanmcn1alanmcn1 Posts: 531
    Obviously that should be Boonen.............D'oh
    Robert Millar for knighthood
  • All i have to say is that the TdF needs to look out. I dont think McEwen Freire (sp?) or Hushovd are going to know what hit them. As long as Boonen can make it through the mountains, I see him in green on the champs...he is going to be VERY hungry come July, he has just not had the spring he has become used to...and it is probably to his favor, last year there were huge expectations, so maybe they will be toned down a little bit this year, and with a sprint crazy route early he should have multiple chances to get the green.

    Give me pave or give me death!
    Give me pave or give me death!
  • I agree, although Boonen has not added to his palmares, he has rode well, and has been in and about. I thought he was magnificent in Roubaix. I think we have such high expectations of Boonen that his performance comes down to a black/ white win/ rubbish situation. Fortunatley cycling is not like that, it is unpredictable and you can't win everything all the time.

    Autonomy for Northumberland, along the lines of Spain or Germany would be lovely, thank you.
    Autonomy for Northumberland, along the lines of Spain or Germany would be lovely, thank you.
  • vinocoughvinocough Posts: 56
    Is that why he split with his girlfriend,oh dear will get my coat.
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