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flapflap Posts: 3
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currently searching for old photography of Allan Peiper's cycling career.

I emailed Procycling editorial requesting help (got no reply) - so if at all possible, if anyone reading this forum, has any photography from Allan's career (struggling to find Kelloggs/Nissan/ pics) and or anything that might be useful, could you email me at : [email protected]



  • vinocoughvinocough Posts: 56
    You would have tried google images[;)]
  • flapflap Posts: 3
    yep , regulalry check ther, but, that's not the way, especially when its not my reputation on the website, its Allan's !

    I have asked many, and some replied, its just a slooooooow process, and tracking down race results from smaller events, and pictures to match, is a tough task!

    Thank you for the reply. Flap
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