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Young Guns

funakifunaki Posts: 29
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As an Astrana fan i am already regretting the departure of Alberto Contador and Luis Leon Sanchez. Don't you just hate it when ex riders from your favourite team take all the plaudits.
The ex Liberty young guns seem to be on fire and i have a feeling that we will be hearing more of these two gentlemen in the future. Of course our Spamish friends are dreaming of a new Indurain, though i doubt if these two are quite in that catagory it will certainly be fun follwimg them in the future.


  • What I love is when the team I like is on the receiving end. How Contador slipped into Johann's hands is a mystery to me along with all the other yound guns Disco now has in their stable. If you haven't heard of John Devine now, you will later.

    chaos rules!
    chaos rules!
  • funakifunaki Posts: 29
    Grrr, dirty rotten scoundrel that Contador, he won again this week.
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