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Increase the magazine's type size - PLEASE!

EasyTomEasyTom Posts: 46
edited March 2007 in The bottom bracket
I think people have mentioned the small type size in the magazine, in the letters page and on this forum. I have worked for years in typesetting/computer artworking and I KNOW that it is too small for comfortable reading. It's a fact - not an opinion. The new magazine has arrived and yet again I found myself straining to read the text and manage to read an article all the way through without stopping. [V]

Please make the typeface larger! [:)]

By the way - I have good vision, do not require glasses and can read other magazines and books without trouble.

Maybe all those in agreement could post their replies here [?]
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Tom -


  • Hi EasyTom

    It is fair to say that the font size in the first relaunch issue of Procycling was too small in some places, however there has been a subsequent increase in size of the fonts throughout the mag since that issue. In fact, the font size we now use is now half a point larger than the font in the pre-redesign magazine throughout and since we've made this change many readers have contacted us to say that 'readability' was much improved. I'd be interested to hear any comments for or against though

    Peter Cossins
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