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Ullrich YouTube clips...

grimpeurgrimpeur Posts: 230
edited February 2007 in Pro race
This is the best...

Followed by this one of the storming attack to Arcalis...

With Armstrong's retirement there was a sense of 'it's all been done' and for the fans the retirement seemed correct and proper. With Ullrich I'm slightly saddened at the potential unfulfilled and the Tours not won.

Ullrich, we'll miss you!


  • Great clips - he even dropped the Festina riders on the way to Andorra...!!!

    I'll miss him - an unpredictable talent with a massive engine who didn't really live up to his full potential, but a giant of the road (sometimes literally!!).

    Like Pantani his reputation shouldn't be clouded by suspicion - he was one of the outstanding talents of his generation.

    I'd say he can retire proud of his achievements...
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