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CSC Press Conference

bjornbjorn Posts: 8
edited February 2007 in Pro race
CSC gave a press conference after their training camp in California. I was able to attend and have a report, some photos and a few interviews. I will say that since this was partially done for our bike advocacy group I asked more questions about bike safety on the road; I did ask a few race related questions and also added a few comments from others.

It's at

(the non-frame version is at: ... frame.html

(site not affiliated with - it's harder to get good, unique names these days...)

Cheers, bjorn


  • grimpeurgrimpeur Posts: 230
    Loved the pictures and your site is clean and easy to read, good show!
  • bjornbjorn Posts: 8
    Thanks for the feedback. That was one of the goals. I wanted to be able to periodically check at work, so needed to be just relevant info...

  • Nice reading and some good shots.
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