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Favorite drink for after a ride

GromitGromit Posts: 12
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Just spend an hour on the trainer (0 farenheit with snow and ice) here in Michigan. Hopped in the shower with a cold Bell's Winter White ale - nothing better.

What are your favorite post ride beverages?


  • grimpeurgrimpeur Posts: 230
    After some water to quench my thirst, a strong black coffee.
  • orange gatorade
  • MelproMelpro Posts: 35
    Water then cold Diet Coke
  • <b>Irn Bru (the perfect mineral water!)</b>

    Helps wash down my <b>Spam Sandwich</b>
  • FAUSTOFAUSTO Posts: 34
    Cold beer of course!
    Two beers..
  • Water, food, shower, pint or two. Maybe more if I don't plan or riding the following day.
  • FAUSTOFAUSTO Posts: 34
  • Oh Please!!!!!!!!!!!
  • <blockquote id="quote"><font size="1" face="Arial, Helvetica, Verdana" id="quote">quote:<hr height="1" noshade id="quote"><i>Originally posted by FAUSTO</i>

    Cold beer of course!
    Two beers..
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    I'm with a matter of fact sometimes I'll fill my bottles with beer! Nothing like a nice pale ale to keep my gears going.[:p]

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    chaos rules!
  • NivacromNivacrom Posts: 111
    After a drink of water, I like nothing better than a large mug or two of of sweet tea.
  • RavenbaitRavenbait Posts: 13,064
    Gin and tonic.

    Bombay Sapphire, mind, and with a segment of lime. Mixed with indian tonic water that doesn't have artificial sweeteners.

    None of this Gordon's and diet tonic rubbish.

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  • Rob SallnowRob Sallnow Posts: 6,279
    Sainsburys Classic Cola. :D
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  • NivacromNivacrom Posts: 111
    You're looking very cute tonight Rob, if you you don't mind me saying. :wink:
  • pneumaticpneumatic Posts: 1,989
    Triple espresso (brewed in an Italian "grenade"-style stovetop percolator) in a pint mug topped up with recently boiled water. When at home.


    six pints of Deuchars IPA (or equivalent) - when on tour.

    I went up Alpe d'Huez last year and motivated myself through the last 6 hairpins with the promise of a beer at the top. Duly went into the only bar open and placed my order, only to be told they had no beer (it was the last day of the season). Instead I had a Gini (bitter lemon out of a can). It did NOT hit the spot!

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  • AidocpAidocp Posts: 868
    Timed that right, got back 15minutes ago before yet more rain :(
    This just reminds me I haven't had a drink, I'm off for one
  • passoutpassout Posts: 4,425
    Tea - sorry. I save alcohol for the mrning & lunchtimes.
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  • CrapaudCrapaud Posts: 2,483
    Tea for me. Darjeeling for preference (Twinings, from the foothills of the Himalayas).
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  • cycologistcycologist Posts: 721
    I usually stop off at a pub about a mile from home and have a pint or three of Bathams. On Sunday I had a pint of lager due to it being rather warm (the weather that is, not the lager) Wheareas the lager was refreshingly cold, it hardly tasted of anything and was significantly more expensive..After tuesday night's ride it was back to the Batham's.
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  • nolfnolf Posts: 1,287
    Pint of milk (skimmed)
    If after a very long ride i'll finish any energy drink in the bottles and make another 500ml's of SiS electrolyte energy drink.

    Beer is for an evening out with mates and only to be consumed in large quantities :):D
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  • rustychiselrustychisel Posts: 3,444
    Irn Bru is pretty good, but for me it's a big carton of... Farmer's Union Iced Coffee!!!! mmmm, luvverly.
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  • L60NL60N Posts: 223
    I like a freezing cold bottle of ice tea
  • richaricha Posts: 1,631
    For Goodness Shake.
  • Lucky LukeLucky Luke Posts: 402
    Chocolate milk for me . Excellent stuff after a ride .
  • yeah, For Goodness Shakes 'Choco-malt' flavour milkshake
  • FAUSTO wrote:
    Cold beer of course!
    Two beers..

    I hear that brother :D

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  • Fab FoodieFab Foodie Posts: 5,155
    Pint of Banana Nesquick milk-shake.

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  • Guinness. Before and after. In fact I'm about to have a couple of cans as part of my carbo loading for tomorrows 100 mile TT......
  • jonesy124jonesy124 Posts: 205
    Corona/ Sol / Brahma with a lime wedge :D
  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Red Bull straight from the fridge
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