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There was a 14 year old lad died near me over xmas through taking his 1st ever ecstacy tablet.Now thats what drugs can do.
I never even take aspirin or paracetemol as always think of what it might be doing to you inside,but thats just me.
So what will blood doping be doing long term.
Wasn't it Lasse Viren the long distance runner who started all this off[?][?]


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    Sorry but there is a difference in taking Class A recreational drugs and taking an FDA approved product. Like anythin, pharmaceuticals cause damage when abused, not when used correctly.

    That does not take away from the tragedy that has unfolded with regards to 14 year old boy who you describe. Any sort of recreational drug use is quite abhorrent in my opinion, there will always be victims.
  • Your probably right grimpeur,but your insides don't know if its recreational or not.The point I was making is they can't be good for you.Ive seen some lads Ive worked with on steroids(body builders) and they had man boobs,a couple have organ problems now,and one of them had to take steroids because of asthma.Im not a believer in taking anything im afraid,even when I had my appendix out.
    Oh and a plumber I work with takes tablets for athritis and he cant take them unless he's had something to eat first.But I understand where your coming from.
  • some people experiment with drugs and live and some don't. Whether it is right or wrong, is a tough call. I have been on both ends of that subject.

    Sorry to hear the tragedy hit so close to home. My brother in law died because of a overdose of cocaine and pain killers.

    i take aspirin, ibuprofin, dcongestants etc... when needed. <font size="4">Lets not go overboard.</font id="size4">

    a lot of life is based on luck.

    everone rolls the dice when they swing their legs over their bike.


    <font color="green">"LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO RIDE CRACKED CARBON"</font id="green">
    <font color="green">"LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO RIDE CRACKED CARBON"</font id="green">