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Squishy brakes

tompsk73tompsk73 Posts: 112
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Hello chaps, Ive been medling with either noisy or mushy avid 3s on me new bike for a couple of weeks now. I think the screaming is gone, but theres lousy power up front, even on a 185mm rotor. When I put my ear to the levers and pull, as you do, I can hear a squishing noise. Is this likely to mean air in the system and time for a bleed or do they all squish?

making it all up as i go along
making it all up as i go along


  • cant belive i have just gone and listen to 6 brake levers. they all make some noise.

    so what has been the longest you have left the brakes without playing?

    set the caliper so that the rotor is not deflected when the lever is pulled. then adjust the lever reach. then go and use for a few days/week of use. they should now be bedded in and adjust the reach lever too suit. Please note every time you adjust the caliper the pads need to re bed in. bedding in can take upto (and maybe exceed) 100 hard aplications. But a pad that has been beded in at an angle with take a lot longer to get full power.

    on the majority of brakes that i have had to work on setting them up correctly fixes all problems. a bleed does nothing as it does not get rid of the problem so a quick adjust and sorted.

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  • tompsk73tompsk73 Posts: 112
    Nice, complex things these disc brakes aint they!

    making it all up as i go along
    making it all up as i go along
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