East Lancs/West Yorks Ride

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Ey up [;)],

I have just come across a really good ride in the Burnley, Hebden bridge, heptonstall moor area. I have not done it yet but will plan to do so in the next few weeks hopefully. Looks like a bit of a ball breaker but if thats what you love then this might be for you. Anyway, it's a 39 mile ride with 4900ft of climbing. I know some of this route which has some awesome riding, including the hardest ascent I know (it's legendary!!), but I have been told other parts are even better! Will give a report when I do get round to doing it. Anyway, if you're interested I can send it to you by email (it's a .pdf document with the route outlined on the OL21 map including written directions but really you need the OL21 map itself; unless you have great knowledge of the area) or you can buy it like I did from this site for the princely sum of œ1 [:)]

If you get round to doing it before I do a report would be cool.



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