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Heat fatigue

Aux1Aux1 Posts: 865
It's gotten real hot and damp here in the past few days, over 30 degrees celsius. I commute with my backpack and the city ride annoys me now... You simply can't ride easily, you have to brake, accelerate, avoid stuff, cars and people everywhere, actually it's even fun but not when it's this hot and your whole back gets soaking wet. Go, stop, avoid... It gets real strenuous then. Gonna buy those bags for the real wheel and dump the backpack in this heat!

Whenever I come back from a hurried city ride, I feel like [email protected] for 15 minutes until I drink some water and have something sweet and cool down. It's worse than climbing a whole mountain in freedom, peace and shade. I feel I have no energy in the city, I can't go and step on it, jump, drop, I must conserve my strength. But when the sun goes down, I can go fast like mad and do all stuff, guess I don't tolerate heat and direct sun well.

So good my mountain trails are all in the shades of trees! I can still ride and climb normally on weekends. It's the city heat, the masses of cars, pedestrians, stops and the tarmac heat glare that drains you... I'd forbid all cars in the city lol, for all those healthy enough to ride bikes! [:D]

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