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How can i clean my bike? Advice needed pls.

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Ive just moved from Stockport to New Mills so have now got the peaks right on my door step. The problem is i now live in a first floor appartment so im struggling for space and the facilities to clean my bike. Space is not too much of an issue as i can use the path or my parking space to place my workstand but im struggling to decide what i can use to clean my bike with.

I used to use a hose pipe when i was at my parents house with muc off bike cleaner and few different brushes and also a chain bath. I could possibly attach a hose pipe to my taps in the kitchen and hang it down but i dont think my neighbors below would appreciate a hose hanging in front of their window.

Could anyone recommend any other cleaning devices or methods i could use that would be enough to clean away all the dirt and grit that the peaks throw at you.

The only 2 ideas ive got are using one of those pump action weed killer spray things and im sure i read in a previous WMB issue something about a water bag that hangs on your workstand and has a hose attached to it.

Help would be much appreciated.

Giant XTC SX


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