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Handheld gps

spqrspqr Posts: 41
Hey all,

I was looking at getting a handheld gps for my walking, running and mtbing needs. I want something that gives speed, distance etc but also has a barometer with it and has to be of a reasonable size, i.e I can run with it.

I've been looking at the garmin vista but reviews haven't been that great on its versatility.

Am looking at spending around 150. Any ideas?



  • I have had a Garmin Vista CX for six months now, which has all the features you have stated. I can't praise this GPS enough. I don't know where you read the bad review but I think you should make your own mind up on how good it is?

    Obviously it means biteing the bullet and purchasing one but I'm sure you won't be disapointed. I found mine a lot cheaper on ebay from the U.S. This way it comes with U.S. base map on the GPS but the deal I got included base map of europe on cd and a 1GB card to put it on.

    It you are going to do any off road biking, you will need topo mapping from garmin which is what I use on the GPS and I plan on memory map on the pc because it is easier to use being o.s. mapping.

    You can't sent the actual maps from memory map to the unit only the tracks, routes waymarks ect. hence why you will need the topo mapping which you can transfer to the 1gb card. You can still plan the routes on topo but it is not as easy to use. I can save a view of each and send them as an attachment so you can see what I mean if it would help, but I'm sure you know what I mean, Memory map is O.S. and topo is just topological mapping and doesn't have the detail of O.S. Hope this helps. Kindest Regards Tony
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