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Avid 3 without stopping power.

trouty00trouty00 Posts: 16
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi All,
had my rockhopper disc since jan and its had its fair share of use and i'd expect the brakes to have bedded in by now but basically i have hardly any stopping power on the front brake, the back is fine but the front just doesnt really stop! it squeels loads also and I experience some shudder.

ive heard of sanding the pads a bit but cant find any great instructions to how to go about this.

any tips welcome,



  • sounds like the pads have become contaminated.

    clean disc well with soap and water then with meths. and replace the pads.

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  • trouty00trouty00 Posts: 16
    but its been like this since day one, they have never been good since day 1, i have tried cleaning everything but nothing seems to work.

    if the pads came contaminated should the supplier replace them really?

  • ratty2kratty2k Posts: 3,872
    You'd have trouble proving it was them tho'. Which is your biggest problem, best to bite the bullet, and buy new pads and clean the rotors.

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  • trouty00trouty00 Posts: 16
    bleeding isnt the issue, the lever doesnt pull far, ive already got the bleed kit and have bled them, gonna try cleaing everything up again, get the pads as clean as i can, get the rotor clean and then see what happens!

    we will see!
  • tompsk73tompsk73 Posts: 112
    mate, Ive a new bike with juicy threes on it too, posted a cry for help about it yesterday. Sqeal like pigs soon as the heat gets up and ive done nothing but clean em with every thing in the shed, still bad. I find that when theyre squealing the power fades drastically, but from what I hear bedding in on a dusty long downhill is the answer. Im just back from one and i think they are a tad better. I still wish id gone for v brakes though.
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  • Satchmo245Satchmo245 Posts: 707
    I'm pretty sure the pads are porous and once contaminated they need replacing. The contaminant soaks right through the pad so no ammount of cleaning or filing would make a difference. New pads should only be a tenner and can of IPA to clean the rotors is only a few quid too. Jobs a good un' [:D]

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  • Had new juicy 3's on my xc comp for nearly a year now and the only problem I've had is wearing them out too quickly! I use muc off disc brake cleaner after just rinsing them with water.
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