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worth getting women's spec bike?

ali80ali80 Posts: 3
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Hi, Im brand new to mountain biking and have a couple of questions. Do you think there is much difference between women's specific bikes and there male counterparts? Im looking at the womens Specialized rockhopper at the moment and like it but its super expensive. Which brings me to my next question, should I bother spending lots of money or just get something cheaper eg Giant Yukon? Would love your thoughts, alison


  • majorbloodnockmajorbloodnock Posts: 3,255
    It's absolutely worth <i><b>testing</b></i> women's specific design bikes. Whether or not it's worth buying one is entirely dependent on you. Most of the major manufacturers are now thinking long and hard about the most appropriate geometry and kit to accommodate the differences between the average woman and the average man, so those bikes are certainly good in principle. However, since everyone differs to some extent from "average", such a bike may still not feel comfortable for you, and all the manufacturers' hard work may then prove to actually be detrimental to you in practice.

    In short, the differences are not just gimmicks or cosmetics, but the only way to find out if they are right for you is trying them out. Look closely at women specific designs, but not to the point of ignoring male equivalents.

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  • KazooKazoo Posts: 298
    Can recommend the Yukon as I have one, its a great ride, have had my forks upgraded. I like it as i'm short so it suits me to have a women specific bike, but everybody on here will tell you that the only way to chose is to try before you buy!![:D]

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    Wine is made to be drunk, I am drunk......

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  • I reckon it depends in your size/proportions/weight/riding style etc...

    Don't assume that a women specific bike will be better for you, I ride a "normal" (for want of a better word) bike and it's better suited to me than a womans one.

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