Highlands visit - 18th/19th August

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Quite a few of the Scottish lot have talked about visiting Golspie / Laggan etc during the summer, a few have been lucky enough to go already (StuartM555, Hamish and SLW among others).

Rather than just talk about it why dont we try and get a date and arrange something? I was thinking late July or August time as early July will be holiday time for a lot of people (me included).

<b>July removed as an option as Rhette is up on 21st/22nd and the karting is on the 28th</b>

<ul><li>4th and 5th is the Selkirk Merida that a few of us are doing so thats out.</li>
<li>11th and 12th </li>
<li>18th and 19th </li></ul>

Fitting in a Monday would be good aswell to make it a 3 dayer but lets see if we can arrange a weekend date first.

Any takers?


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