NE Nodrog

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Crete was brill. Weather was fantastic. Lucky as is poured the dasy before we arrived and started again when we left. Bike got their and back with no problems. Loads of quiet trails and rocky decents. Will get some pictures loaded up on pink bike at some point, but most of the time going down hill to quick to stop. Biggest ride was one which started with a climb up to 950m. Did it with a german, an austrian and a german speaking swiss bloke. Turns out they all live in the alps of one sort or another! Thought I was going to die. It was up to to the Lassithi platuea, ride around there, then up to the crest at 1,080m. Then all down hill, most off rode but some through narrow streets in villages, dodging old crones in traditional gear. Fantastic.

I am so unfit at the moment
I am so unfit at the moment