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Sunday gone

ElaineElaine Posts: 373
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Was a good day on Sunday nice and dry most of all sunny.
We came across a couple of nice chaps that stop an chatted, which did make a refreshing change.

All being well shall be in the Peaks this Sunday.


  • sazsaz Posts: 2,189
    Sounds good Elaine, any pics?
    Do nice chaps not usually stop and chat?? You need to come to Scotland obviously.... they're all lovely up here.[:)]

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  • WolfWolf Posts: 989
    Group of biking girls... Any guy would think he hit the jackpot!

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  • ElaineElaine Posts: 373
    I took only a few pics will sort out when i get 5 mins.
    Haven't got to scotland yet will have to place on things to do list..

    I'd say most guys just say hi and carry on, was talking to one guy and it turns out he rides in the group that i have stopped riding with, Small world..
  • trio25trio25 Posts: 300
    Glad you had a good time, sorry I couldn't make it.

    Will be good to see the pics.
  • ElaineElaine Posts: 373
    A few pics here, i've put them with a couple that where taken on the Tuesday before.
  • ElaineElaine Posts: 373
    Anyone fancy the Peaks loop tomorrow, 10am Ladybower Inn not just us girls there a few pll going that i've riden with b4, will be social pace...
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