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my lad has just moved from warwickshire to live in woking.
does any one know of any trails around that area that i could pass on to him


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    As always, Pots, the obvious recommendations are going to be my local ones; Pitch Hill, Holmbury Hill, Leith Hill and the North Downs that're right next to them. An alternative going the other way is Swinley Forest, near Bracknell, but the Surrey Hills are the closer (about 7 or 8 miles, I believe). It's all sweet singletrack with a plentiful smattering of more technical stuff should you desire.

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  • If you are in Woking you can use the canal to access the areas around Deepcut / Ash Ranges as well as the Swinley Forest area.

    Ash ranges tends to be flag controlled (due to army firing) but the others are open all the time.

    Gorrick have / do run XC races in these areas and you can generally find the tracks:
    Porridgepot Hill - very up and down
    Tunnel Hill - still up and down and more technical
    Frith Hill - in between but the whole route is maked with white arrows on trees (thanks who ever did this the other week!)

    Also take a look at http://surreymaps.surreycc.gov.uk/public/viewer.asp
    You can select cycle paths / bridleways etc on the right, hone in on an area and also zoom in / move the map to work out your own routes.

    Swinley Forest is very good too but you need a permit (£16 pa and worth it) with some good downhill runs, a lot of single track & firetrails

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    Mytchett Mike has summed up the local riding pretty well.

    When I used to live in Woking (now live in Frimley Green) there wasn't too much riding right on the door step, there are a few bits on Horsell Common, but it is very sandy and I never found anything too good. I tended to ride over to the North Downs at Newlands Corner and ride around there. For local riding heading along the canal to Deepcut is the best bet.

    Most of the trails on the army land are fairly well hidden, if you son wants someone to show him around point him towards our webpage at http://www.tunnelhilltrolls.co.uk We are all fairly local and ride those trials a few times aweek. I am fairly sure a couple of our members are from the Woking area.

    Mike, I noticed those white arrows too, no idea where they came from, it wasn't until I rode around most of the course that I realised I had followed them for most of the way. I can only guess it is Gorrick or BOB. I ride around that area quite a bit as I live close to Frith Hill, I am surprised I haven't bumped into you.
  • Hi Jason

    We may have seen each other in the distance?

    I use a number of routes and have only started the technical stuff in the last couple of months.

    I'll take a look at your website too,

    As you're only round the corner if you fancy a "meet" i'd be pleased as I tend to ride solo.

    I'm off to WOMAD and Devon for the next 10 days (God help us :roll: ) but will be keen to get back out the weekend of the 4th :P .


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    We do also meet up for midweek evening rides every Tuesday and Thursday. For some reason (it is a long story!) we arrange these ones via BikeMagic (have a look under Farnborough, Hants thread in the Rides Forum) We normally start from the entrance to Tunnel Hill opposite Potters at 7:15, although the meeting place can vary. Your are welcome to come along if you are about, the rides are usually a couple of hours so you do need lights for the last part. Tuesday tend to be lots of riders and a bit slower, Thursday less riders and quicker.

    Hope the weather is kind to you for your trip.
  • I'm usually tucked up in bed by 7.15pm :wink:

    Actually, as I work close to home I go out straight after work and so am home by 7.

    I'd be keen to join you when I'm back although I only have road lights and I'm not sure whether I could keep up anyway (so Tuesday would be better?).

    I'll have a look on Bikemagic.