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Trek 4500 Bike - Broken Frame?

nomadic4500nomadic4500 Posts: 24
edited June 2007 in MTB workshop & tech
I bought what i thought was a decent trek 4500 on Sunday.

The seller told me the bottom bracket needed replacing anf that it would cost œ45 or so.

Basically it appears the hole in which the bottom bracket sits on the frame has been ovalised. And the replacement bottom bracket when put into the hole does not grip due to the frame. I understand this is partly due to damage on the thread and also a change in shape of the hole

Accoring to my local trek dealer who seems pretty good this now makes my frame useless, and certainly the pedals wont remain stable.

I am left without a working mountain bike, what are my options?

1) a new frame - can i transplant parts succesfully to any trek frame? mine is a 18 inch ish frame with 11/16 head tube

2) breaking my bike in the manner I would do with a car? is this viable and are the parts value worth the hassle of breaking it??

I understand that i bought this as sold as seen, and realise I probably made a mistake in buying it in the first place, oh hindsight!!!

Sadly my first attempt at a decent mountain bike has backfired. As you may have noticed I have really only ridden mountain bikes and never really maintained them.

Any ideas?


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